Chlorine Gas Replacement


Chlorine Gas Replacement 2018

Working With Aceom & Galliford Try ( AGT ) Across Yorkshire and Humber for the Removal of Chlorine gas on various sites. LEADA is involved with the Design, Decommissioning & Commissioning and the installation of Bulk Sodium Hypochlorite Dosing.

* Chlorine Gas has been isolated and made ‘Gas Safe’ at East Ness WTW On 19 Feb 2018
* The Temporary Sodium Hypochlorite Dosing Trailer and associated equipment has been in continuous service since 01 Feb 2018 without issue.
* The system was commissioned during December 2017
* The Temporary Dosing System is fully automatic with duty/standby dosing pumps and integrated with YWS site control facilities.
* This will allow the Gas Facilities to be removed from the site to make space for the permanent equipment to be installed.

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