Chlorine Gas Replacement

2019 Update – Yorkshire Water ‘Gas Free’ Scheme:

As part of Yorkshire Water’s drive to become ‘Gas Free’, the R1140 Gas Replacement programme achieved a significant milestone when Loftsome Bridge (a 110Ml/day water treatment facility) switched to Sodium Hydrochlorite, after traditionally using Chlorine Gas disinfection in 2018. 

Since Loftsome Bridge, we continued to work with Galliford Try (GT) and Yorkshire Water for two years on this programme. In 2019, Yorkshire Water announced that they are the first company in the water sector to eliminate all Chlorine and Sulphur Dioxide gas.

This was achieved using our Mobile Dosing Systems as a temporary installation, which allowed the decommissioning of an existing Chlorine Gas System to make the sites ‘Gas Free’. The dosing system was designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned by us to maintain supply at 5 Yorkshire Water treatment facilities across the region while permanent installations were being implemented.


We are currently working with Galliford Try (GT) across Yorkshire and the Humber to remove Chlorine gas from various sites. On this project, we’ve been involved with the design, decommissioning and commissioning, as well as the installation of Bulk Sodium Hypochlorite Dosing.

* Chlorine gas has been isolated and made ‘Gas Safe’ at East Ness WTW On 19 Feb 2018
* The Temporary Sodium Hypochlorite Dosing Trailer and associated equipment has been in continuous service since 01 February 2018 without issue.
* The system was commissioned during December 2017
* The Temporary Dosing System is fully automatic with duty/standby dosing pumps and integrated with YWS site control facilities.
* This will allow the gas facilities to be removed from the site to make space for the permanent equipment to be installed.

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