Rivelin WTW 2012-2018

Scope of works:

The scope of works is to prepare detailed commissioning plans in conjunction with MMB and Yorkshire Water staff, supervise the MEICA & SI works in conjunction with MMB staff, provide Site Manager roles once the scheme moves into the electrical installation phase of works in the different site areas, attend meetings with Yorkshire Water, to carry out the process commissioning and putting the plant into service and to complete the specified performance and reliability testing all associated with the PR06 – Rivelin WTW Sirofloc Replacement Scheme, including preparation of the Test and Commissioning Reports and associated Commissioning Completion Reports.


Rivelin Water Treatment Works (WTW) has a treatment capacity of 75Ml/day and serves up to 100,000 customers in South and South-West Sheffield in Yorkshire. An identified increase in raw water colour resulted in the need to enhance the existing Sirofloc treatment process to reduce final manganese levels and safeguard against the formation of trihalomethanes. The £14m project comprised two separate batches: (i) base maintenance, including the replacement of old assets with new, and (ii) new manganese contactors, incorporating the design, construction and commissioning of 6 (No.) manganese contactors. Together, the two batches formed the overall scheme at Rivelin WTW, and was delivered in collaboration with Yorkshire Water Services as part of their AMP5 Capital Programme.


Working alongside Mott Macdonald Bentley (MMB), we were able to upgrade existing process assets, and MEICA installation management and commissioning relative to new Manganese Contactors and associated equipment, including:

* Site-based Health and Safety Management, involving collaborative strategy with sub-contractors.

* Development of detailed commissioning plans with prominence on minimising process disruption and enabling most effective sub-contractor delivery.

* Replacement and enhancement of Asset Expired Mechanical and Electrical Equipment.

* Replacement and enhancement of Asset Expired Chemical Dosing Systems with alternative dosing arrangements.

* Re-lifing of a variety of assets including Chemical Dilution Systems, Magnetite Regeneration Systems, Rapid Gravity Filters and Backwash Recovery Systems.

* Extension and upgrade of site fibre-optic Ethernet PLC network.

* Upgrade of site SCADA system.

* Commissioning of new Manganese Contactors, Inter-stage, Backwash and High Lift Pumps.