Worksop Sludge Digestion

Worksop Sludge Treatment Facility (STF) has been constructed to cater for a lack of sludge treatment capacity within Severn Trent Water’s (STW) Northern Area. The Worksop STW site was selected as central to the area and a new access road was constructed as part of the scheme to better connect the facility to the surrounding road network. The STF is designed to process a peak load of 10,209 tonnes dry solids (TDS) a year of sewage sludge with approximately 80% of this coming from tankered imports. The plant was designed around acid phase digestion (APD) to maximise gas yield and solids destruction. Due to the high strength liquors produced and high proportion of imports, an Amtreat® liquor treatment plant was also included.


We designed, installed and commissioned a new Sludge facility, including:

* New tanker import facilities
* New indigenous sludge facilities
* New sludge thickening equipment
* New odour control system
* New APD and GPD digestion plant and associated boilers / hot water system
* New gas system (flare, vent and gas holder system plus ancillaries)
* New CHP (Combined Heat and Power) plant
* Upgrading of existing site HV system and earthing
* New dewatering storage and Centrifuges
* New washwater system
* New potable water system
* New poly dosing bulk storage, IMS and dosing systems
* New liquor treatment plant
* New site wide fibre optic Ethernet system for new PLCs, SCADA and telemetry systems
* Development of URS documents and approval of FDS documents
* Undertaking FATs and CFATs on MCCs, PLCs, SCADA and mechanical equipment
* Liaison, management and communication with key suppliers and sub-contractors

Worksop Sludge Treatment Facility viewed from new access road Courtesy of MMB Ltd